5 Reasons Why Startups Should Attend NamesCon

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These are exciting times because… you have decided to become an entrepreneur! You have your big, bright and shiny new idea and now you live, breathe, and sleep strategies on how to make your project come to life. Then, you get asked one of these questions:

  • “What will you name your business?”
  • “Are you building your own website?”
  • “How are you going to get new users for your product or service?”
  • “How will you build your brand?”

These are just a few of the fun questions people will ask you when you first tell them that you are starting your own business. Overwhelmed yet? If you answered yes, then we have some answers for you. We can’t tell you what colour to pick for your logo or where to raise your first round of seed funding, but we can help if you:

1. Are not sure what to name your startup or online business:

It’s kind of in our name; NamesCon is all about domain names and how to build a successful brand online. You will be exposed to hundreds of elite professional domainers who make their living buying and selling domain names. They not only know a good name when they see it, but they know their value. At NamesCon, you could be picking a star name for your business and at the same time purchasing an asset. You will be able to consult with industry experts who can guide you in the right direction when it comes to the perfect brandable name. But wait, what about the extension?

2. Don’t know what domain name or extension to purchase for your new business:

.com, .io, .co, .xyz, .net, .club, .inc, .eco, .app, .health, .tech …. are you confused yet? And the list goes on and on! What do these all mean? They are what is called an ‘extension’. The bit to the right of the dot is an extension and it starts to matter when you find that the .com version of your ‘perfect’ name is already taken. But do not fret just yet. There are loads of fantastic options that are just as SEO friendly (please see the next point) as the .com equivalent. You could, for example, choose an extension that reflects your niche or industry such as .consulting, .boats or .fitness. Again, speaking to an expert might help, and you’ll find plenty of experts at NamesCon.

3. Are not sure how to get to the top of the list: (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization is a marketing process which allows customers searching for your type of product or service to find you on a search engine like Google or Yahoo!. Many of the companies that partner with NamesCon have mastered this process and are ready to share their marketing secrets with you. Mastering SEO is only one of the steps to marketing your new business and generating traffic to your site. How will you convert that traffic into clients?

4. Are curious how to market your product or service and land new clients:

Every year we feature keynote speakers that specialize in branding and marketing strategies. They have mastered the art of selling their story and ultimately their business. They can help you do the same. This year, we will also feature a newcomer workshop day where you will be able to get the 101 on social media, domain investing and branding your business.

5. Are wondering how to build a brand:

The success of your new venture can really come down to your name and ultimately the domain name associated with your business. Does your domain name pass the radio test? Are you also purchasing a potential asset at the same time as branding yourself? Branding engineers who attend NamesCon are creative process pros and will guide you to find your branding niche and beyond.

Did you read a domaining term in this story that you didn’t quite understand? If so, stay tuned for our upcoming post on Domaining Lingo 101.

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