All About That Swag: How to Make an Impact With Cool Stuff


Every conference attendee in history has had high hopes for a conference bag filled with cool gadgets that you’ll actually want to take home with you. While printed flyers are effective for a one-time impact, imaginative swag and gifts can make a lasting impression on potential clients and colleagues. And NamesCon is working to promote less paper in the conference bag by offering a discount for those exhibitors and sponsors who submit an item instead of a brochure!

Luckily, more and more companies are beginning to shift their thinking into the wide world of brandable items that will avoid the recycling bin – from the smaller end of the scale (think mobile chargers, lip balm, stylus pens, high storage flash drives) to more extravagant items (bluetooth speakers, seasonal items like scarves or sandals, and notebooks).


One way to buy strategically and maximize your brand’s impact is to think about your swag in terms of tiers. For instance, tier one is an item at a lower price point, maybe a microfiber screen cleaner or an iPhone horn. Your tier two gifts should be reserved for a really warm lead or a client appreciation gift, something like bluetooth speakers or USB battery chargers for smartphones that are a good deal more expensive, and also have a good chance of being much more appreciated.

Og Overview

At tier three, strategy shifts to a big-ticket item that will draw eyes and attention to your booth. If your budget allows, splashing out on a newly-released game console, tablet or wearable tech will guarantee you a full bowl of business cards and opportunities for conversations with potential clients.

At NamesCon 2017 we will be introducing some gamification aspects to the exhibition floor through our new mobile app. Exhibitors who bring prizes to be won will be able to take full advantage of this feature, as they will be able to attract attendees to their booths more easily and effectively. Want to learn more about how we can build giveaways into your presence at NamesCon? Contact us for more info!

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