NamesCon Europe Beach Party: Domainers Surf with

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Who needs Nazaré when you have an nTLD!

Nobody says “surfing the web” anymore, because it’s not 1997. Instead, we ride actual waves. One last day of NamesCon Europe 2019, we’re throwing a beach party at Praia do Guincho, a famous surfing destination. There, attendees will be able to grab a wetsuit and take a surf lesson if they want. We don’t want to micromanage you, though—from intense activity to intense inactivity, there will be plenty to do.

NamesCon Europe attendees can just hit this link and see what’s in store for them on the sands of the Portuguese coast: everything from shuttle schedules to how to grab lunch and drinks without having to put on a pair of shoes. You can put your inspiration to work: chat and network with new and old friends about what you discoverd during the sessions and panels, or channel the moves of Andrew Cotton and João de Macedo, our pro-surfer keynote speakers!


There’s no better way to announce the schedule for the NamesCon Europe 2019 Beach Party than with domainers.surffor domainers that surf! (And domainers that want to learn how to surf… or play beach volleyball… or just hang out on an amazing beach.) This industry is all about finding the true potential in any domain name—who says that nTLDs aren’t getting their place in the sun?

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