From Founder and Billionaire: Bhavin Turakhia Shares Stories and Insight From His Journey

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As one of India’s youngest self-made billionaires, Bhavin Turakhia’s was one of the most highly anticipated keynotes at NamesCon Global 2019. How did he do it? As founder and CEO of Flock, Radix, CodeChef, and Ringo, as well as the co-founder of Directi, and Zeta, it wasn’t necessarily an easy journey. Starting out as a 17-year-old in India with $375 in capital, he bootstrapped a tiny web-hosting startup into an online empire—and there were many lessons along the way.

Sharing how Radix began (it was “30,000 strings to 31 applications to nine wins”), the importance of data and how the domain industry is one of the most measurable industries out there, the secret behind Radix’s success, and focusing on hiring and rewarding the absolute best talent, Turakhia’s keynote was dense, thought-provoking, and jam-packed with actionable insight.

NamesCon CEO Soeren von Varchmin joined Bhavin Turakhia’s on stage at the end of Turakhia’s talk for a quick fireside chat, and the two discussed blockchain, artificial intelligence, why he believes domains will always be important, and more, it’s clear as to why Turakhia is such an important contribution to the domain industry.

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