Building a Better NamesCon Online for 2021

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We're using your feedback to make NamesCon Online 2021 even better.

As we prepare for the next edition of NamesCon Online, we’ve been sifting through attendee feedback from our first-ever all-digital event in September. Responses were overwhelmingly positive: 93% of attendees gave it 4 or 5 stars, and 96% said they’d attend another NamesCon Online event. (Which is good, because NamesCon Online 2021 runs January 27-29; registration opens really soon.)

Besides some wonderfully specific things to work on, the overall tone of attendee feedback gives us the confidence to push the limits even further for January. Like we always say, the domaining industry is a pretty friendly crowd, full of people who want to see each other succeed. If you’ve not yet joined us for a NamesCon event, know that you’ll be made to feel welcome.

Exclamation Points (and Points of Departure)

The content itself was a hit with our attendees—feedback included:

“Actionable information”
“Jam-packed with very good informative content! Gave a lot of insight up from newbies to veterans! And it was really entertaining and funny at times! Thanks!”
“There was a lot of diverse content to choose from which made it an educational and exciting online event.
“It was broad. Appreciated the three-continents content and views.”

Attendees really liked the platform as well (though we understand that many are missing that hotel bar vibe):
“Loved it!! Everything was awesome. Please ensure even when we meet in person this exact App is offered always!! Was amazing to be able to jump into different timezones and watch Europe and Asia after our sessions ended. The world never sleeps!!”

Two exclamation points? That’s music to our eyes! Of course, it wasn’t all gushing praise: Several respondents wanted the platform to stay open for longer, and one person wrote, “A very good beginning.” We’re not sure if they were quoting Sharon Stone’s character from Basic Instinct or not, but we take that idea to heart. As this was our first fully online domaining event, we are using it as a foundation for doing it better next time. For example, there were quite a few ideas around tweaking the Networking Lounge, which we’ve been looking into already. Speaking of which…

NamesCon Online Networking Was a Hit

Hold your hand up in front of you with the palm facing outward. Then fold all of your fingers down except for your pinky. That’s what the approval graph looked like for networking at NamesCon Online. From the Networking Lounge to meeting dynamics, attendees made loads of connections throughout the event, just as we’d hoped. Feedback included:

“I enjoyed the opportunity to meet and build relationships with people from all over the globe, as well as the opportunity to catch up with people I already knew from the industry.”
“The table concept was really cool, and worked well.”
“Easy to connect, great opportunity to meet experienced investors, talk and laugh with the folks, especially in the long after hours.”

As mentioned earlier, we are working to evolve the Networking Lounge even further, so everyone feels included all the time. If you’re working in any aspect of the domain name industry, get ready for the next iteration of NamesCon Online. Registration opens soon—like, very soon—so stay in touch with us through our newsletter and social media!

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