Speaker Profile: Chris Jensen

Having founded several start-ups over the past 20 years and numerous years as COO of Reinvent, Chris Jensen would later co-found Left with John Lyotier in 2010. Now, he’s fallen well down the crypto rabbit hole with RightMesh, a decentralized mobile mesh for smart phones and IoT devices.

Speaker Profile: Matt Holmes

Entrepreneur, speaker, author, world record holder, and Founder of Handshakin.com, Matt Holmes hopes to help NamesCon attendees learn about how they can leverage their personal brands to drive more leads.

Keynote Speaker Profile: Haseeb Rabbani

Haseeb is a software engineer and blockchain evangelist from the University of Waterloo. When not pondering the future of Dapps, you can find him sharing his love of food, art and travelling. Haseeb has several years of web and mobile development experience working with companies like Amazon and Viacom.

Domaining for Beginners, Part 1: What is a Domain Name?

Image via The Customize Windows Welcome to Domaining for Beginners, where we’ll focus on the basics of domains and look at everything from how to choose a good domain name to how new top-level domains are affecting the industry.  45% of NamesCon attendees in 2016 and 2017 were first-timers, so we’ve created this “Domains 101” […]

Cryptocurrency 101

They used to inhabit the lesser-known corners of the internet, but today cryptocurrencies are mainstream news. Curious to learn more? Read on for a primer on the basics, with some helpful links for further reading.  So what is cryptocurrency? Blockgeeks defines cryptocurrencies as, when everything is stripped away, “limited entries in a database no one […]

ENS Names – Building the Internet of Tomorrow

Earlier today, NamesCon announced blockchain as a primary content theme for our upcoming events, beginning with NamesCon China in Shanghai on October 12, 2017 and continuing at NamesCon Global in Las Vegas from January 28-31, 2018. We are thrilled to announce Mano Samy, founder of ENSListing.com, as one of our keynote speakers during NamesCon China. […]

Rock Around the Blockchain

NamesCon strives to nurture an open community where people from all industries, nationalities, companies and perspectives can come together to share ideas. As an organization, our goal is to become an incubator for innovation, and one of the biggest industry disruptors we currently see on the horizon is blockchain. Today, we’re excited to announce that […]

The Story Behind the NamesCon Brand Changes

The past year has been marked by many new developments for the NamesCon organization, and we have just a few more tricks up our sleeve for you! You may have noticed some visual and structural changes to the NamesCon website in recent days. While this is very much a work in progress, we wanted to […]

NamesCon India 2017: An Unforgettable Experience

NamesCon brings together the world’s domain industry every year at our flagship event in Las Vegas. This year, we’ve had the opportunity for the first time to bring NamesCon to the other side of the globe with NamesCon India.