NamesCon Online Autumn 2021 Recap

HNS, NFT… NFL? NamesCon brought it all! NamesCon Online made the most of its digital environment to deliver nonstop insights into the expanding world of digital assets. With domain name investing as its bedrock, the NamesCon community also dove deep into the worlds of cryptocurrency, NFTs, and outside-the-box digital assets that create future-proof portfolios. The [...]

NamesCon Online Platform Closes

Catch the hottest sessions on domain names, NFTs, and other digital assets before the virtual doors close! The NamesCon Online platform closes on October 29, so this is your last chance to binge until your eyes explode on how to advance your career as a digital asset investor. Highlights include The Castello Brothers discuss the […]

NamesCon Online Handshake Track – More Details on What You’ll Learn

We recently introduced the Handshake Track at NamesCon Online, and now it’s time to reveal more about what domain name investors will learn on this specialized track. Crypto + Domains: The Future Bitcoin has been popular with domain investors for years. With the emergence of blockchain domains such as Handshake, as well as NFTs, where […]

Deeper Digital Assets: The Handshake Track at NamesCon Online

For the first time in history, NamesCon is hosting a Handshake Track, where we explore the use cases of blockchain-based domain names. Teaming up with our friends at Shadstone, we’re lining up a comprehensive Handshake agenda that will compliment our already-compelling agenda.  Domaining is still important on a decentralized internet—this is where you learn the [...]

NamesCon Online Premium Domain Auction Coming September 2021

It’s not NamesCon without a premium domain auction, right? NamesCon and our friends at RightOfTheDot will present a hand-picked selection of creme-de-la-creme digital assets for you to add to your portfolio. These will be rare, highly-coveted names that rarely appear in the wild. If you miss out, your portfolio will definitely give you the silent [...]

Find Out What Your Domain is Worth at NamesCon Online

Whether they’ve been in the game for ten years or ten minutes, one big question looms large, burning in every domain investor’s mind: “What’s my domain worth?” At NamesCon Online, you’ll find out the answer. In What's my Domain Worth?, a panel of experts combine their experience, intuition, and the latest diagnostic techniques to let [...]

NamesCon Q&A with RapidFire’s Tom Gallagher

In a NamesCon first, we’re featuring a fast-paced low-reserve auction during NamesCon Online, run by RapidFire. This auction is super-friendly to new investors, and some of the names on auction will benefit Entrepreneurs for Knowledge, building schools for disadvantaged kids around the world. But what is RapidFire? The NamesCon team reached out to Tom Gallagher, [...]

This NamesCon Online Session Will Supercharge Your Domain Name Investing Skills

Announcing two new sessions with one common mission: to build your foundational skills as a domain investor, whether you’ve been in the game for ten years or ten minutes. How Domain Name Valuation Really WorksDNAcademy founder Michael Cyger is running the most comprehensive valuation session we’ve ever had, from criteria, comparable sales, valuation ranges for [...]

RapidFire Domaining Auction at NamesCon: Submissions Now Open

NamesCon always features an exciting auction, and we’re mixing it up for our upcoming event. NamesCon Online in September will feature two separate auctions, and right now we’re revealing details for one of them. If you’re an emerging domain investor or if you don’t have a lot of auction experience, then this one’s for you. [...]

Find Out How Domainers Can Become Fantasy Sports Champions

Fantasy Sports is Serious Business at NamesCon Online Revealing two new sessions for NamesCon Online, running September 22-24. This time we’re thinking way outside the box, as top experts show you how to unlock hidden value in your portfolio and… what? Make money in fantasy sports? Yeah. Exactly that. When we say we’re breaking new [...]