Creative Ideas for Hotel Room Drops


One of the fantastic benefits of staying in the conference hotel is our ability to deliver sweet swag straight to your room. As an attendee who stays at the Tropicana, this is a memorable and personal touch that really goes a long way, and room drops mean you don’t have to carry several bags of swag around the exhibition floor with you!

If you’re a NamesCon sponsor who is interested in hotel room drops, we’ve compiled a list of some of the neatest ideas we’ve seen around to get your creativity fired up. The room drop rules for this year’s NamesCon are:

  • The basic sponsor package covers up to 700 room drops – if we need to go beyond this you will be invoiced separately for additional items.
  • Your item has to be singular, packaged or contained in some way.
  • The more creative you get, the more memorable it will be for attendees!

Basic guidelines to consider:

  • Locally themed drops are a great way to connect the experience of attending the conference to the city or destination.
  • Remember that most attendees have flown in, and they’re going to have to fly home – you may want to avoid large, bulky or heavy items!
  • Consumables are a great way to address both points above. Snacks, local cuisine, bottles of water or other beverages are a nice treat for hungry and thirsty guests!
  • Use the room drop as a way to drive traffic to your booth. Part of your marketing message could include an activity that attendees have to complete at your booth in order to gain a discount or prize, or perhaps half of your promo item is dropped to the room and attendees must visit your booth to get the missing portion. Sneaky!
  • Useful promotional objects such as a mug or travel cup will be of benefit both during and after the conference.

Here are a few creative hotel room marketing ideas to get those ideas flowing:

Tp Ads
Toilet paper branding. This gift will keep on giving throughout the duration of the show.

Hangover Kit
Hangover kit. We can see these going over pretty well in a city like Las Vegas!

FB 2 1
Themed food and beverage. You absolutely cannot have enough water to go around, and snacks that you can take on the go are a slam-dunk for busy conference attendees.

Door Handle
A customized door handle could be a personal way to welcome guests as they check in, and you can include additional messaging on the back side.

What about a branded pillow for some extra plushy comfort?

Speaking of comfort, did you know that Snuggies can be customized?

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See our Sponsorship Guide for additional opportunities.

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