Deeper Digital Assets: The Handshake Track at NamesCon Online

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A New Dimension in Domaining for the NamesCon Community

Nice to meet you, Handshake!

For the first time in history, NamesCon is hosting a Handshake Track, where we explore the use cases of blockchain-based domain names. Teaming up with our friends at Shadstone, we’re lining up a comprehensive Handshake agenda that will compliment our already-compelling agenda. 

Domaining is still important on a decentralized internet—this is where you learn the ins and outs of blockchain-based namespace. If this seems complicated, the Handshake experts on this track will break it down for you.

Okay, But What the Hell is Handshake?

“The Bitcoin of domaining” is an oversimplified way to describe Handshake, so find out how domaining on the blockchain really works—and why now is the time to get in. The Handshake Track will run Wednesday-Thursday, September 22-23, 8pm to 12am UTC. Sessions will include:

Handshake 101: If this is your first time hearing about Handshake domains and want to go from “0 to 1” as soon as possible, then this session is perfect for you.

Numbers on Investing: What is the average ROI on investing in names on Handshake? We’ll dig into some case studies and strategies that real investors have used in selling their names.

Valuating a Name or Portfolio: If you have a portfolio of Handshake names on the blockchain and want to see ways others are putting prices on portfolios, then you’ll want to hear from experts and—yes—“HODLers”—at this session.

Actually Using Your Handshake Name: Get technical insights on ways investors are using their names for more than just domaining. Learn the tools and methods for making the most of what’s in your portfolio and maximize the value during a sale.

Integrating “Normal” Domains and Handshake Names: Do you need to own both the .COM and other traditional names on top of the Handshake name, and vice versa? Here we examine the thought process on combining a traditional domain portfolio with Handshake and crypto domains.

Crypto and Domains: The Future? Is Handshake a fly-by-night pump-and-dump kind of thing, or a long-term trend you need to invest in? We will bring in both sides of the argument to give you valuable and unique knowledge.

Flamingo Handshake Auction: This auction will focus on names on the Handshake platform, and you can jumpstart your decentralized portfolio with some high-quality blockchain-based TLDs. This will most likely run on the Airmeet platform: if you want to get a leg up, Flamingo is hosting an auction on August 18th—you can get a sneak preview of what this sort of auction feels like.

A NamesCon Handshake Deal For You

The domaining community is gathering September 22-24—and welcoming a whole new breed of investor. Join us to grow your network, upsize your portfolio, and expand your understanding of domaining’s potential.


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