DnHouston Meetup Will Donate to Local Flood Relief

Houston Flood 2 Townhall

Don’t miss a great meetup event taking place this Thursday, April 28th in the Houston area! DnHouston is organized by Angela St. Julien of Brand.bar, with support from DomainAgents and other fantastic sponsors like Donuts, Igloo, PIR and more.

We know PIR has organized some swag bags for all attendees, one NamesCon ticket will be raffled off during the event, and Angela has some other surprise prizes lined up for attendees as well. Only 50 seats were available and we do know that as of right now there are spaces remaining, so RSVP now to save your place.

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Eric Lyon and Kevin Kopas will join Angela as speakers at the event, taking place at the Crush Wine Bar in the Woodlands district just outside of Houston. The city has been experiencing some unfortunate floods as of late, so all ticket sales from the event will be donated to local flood relief. NamesCon was so inspired by this generosity that we’ve decided to step up as well and donate $100 from every ticket sold using the event’s discount code (DnHouston attendees will receive a special 40% discount code at the meetup) to the Gulf Coast Synod Disaster Relief fund.

RSVP now and we hope all attendees have a fantastic time! DnHouston promises to be an amazing event organized by some amazing folks, and your attendance will directly support the flood relief for Houston area residents.

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