DOMAINfest Asia Recap

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DOMAINfest Asia wrapped up recently, capping off a week packed with interactive panels, informative keynotes, networking events and more.  We sat down with Jothan Frakes and James Morfopoulos to get their highlights from this year’s conference.

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NC: This year’s event saw the DOMAINfest brand celebrate over a decade of international conferences, again partnering with DotAsia and Allegravita to move DFA from Macau to its’ new location of Cyberport in Hong Kong.  How did the change in location affect your experience at DFA?

JM: Cyberport is a great location. World class facility, great conference rooms, an easy ride from central Hong Kong and lots of restaurants within easy reach for meetings and meals.

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Jia Rong Low, Managing Director of ICANN’s Asia-Pacific Hub addressing attendees at the conference launch.

NC: One thing we’ve always loved about DOMAINfest is the content-packed agenda that makes it easy for any attendee to really personalize their experience. Which sessions, speakers or events did you enjoy most? Were there any that stood out as having a very enthusiastic response from attendees?

JM: Giuseppe Graziano’s sessions on “Understanding Value: LLL” and the “What is working well with new domain names” panel with Braden Pollock, Edmon Chung, Jeff Sass, and Christa Taylor were highlights.  Also, Tuesday night’s cocktail party had good networking.

JF: The launch of .web in Chinese was announced at the event, drawing a lot of interest from exhibitors and attendees. Michael Gilmour’s Monetization Sessions constantly packed the room, and I found the Digital Marketing session to be a very engaging panel as well.

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The Digital Marketing panel in action…

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Cocktails and networking!

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Edmon Chung, CEO of DotAsia Organization,  explaining that the Internet of Things is best served by an internet of names, or “IoN”.

NC: Any general comments to add?

JM: The Chinese Market is still hot, just not as hot. There are tonnes of new and exciting emerging companies of all kinds (registrars, financing companies, etc. ) which will be interesting to watch in the years to come.

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Jeff Chung introduces the special speakers during the pitchfest at DFA

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Mark Van Dendyke, Berry Cobb, and Leona Chen at the Neustar Cocktail Reception

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Ajitoro the Tiger, and the whole audience with two thumbs to support helping preservation of wild tigers.

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