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09Earlier today, NamesCon announced blockchain as a primary content theme for our upcoming events, beginning with NamesCon China in Shanghai on October 12, 2017 and continuing at NamesCon Global in Las Vegas from January 28-31, 2018.

We are thrilled to announce Mano Samy, founder of ENSListing.com, as one of our keynote speakers during NamesCon China. ENSListing is a leading marketplace for ENS domain investors to buy and sell their names. It supports at-will auction, allowing true price discovery, an open bidding process, escrow services for secure ownership and payment transfers, verification services to check domain ownership, and an open discussion forum.

Samy explains further:

“ENSListing will soon be releasing ENS sub-domain services, making every ENS domain name a TLD. When an ENS domain is parked with ENSListing Smart Contract, the domain will act as a TLD, opening up the possibility for an investor to sell unlimited domain names under that TLD. If you park restaurant.eth with ENSListing, you can sell <domainname>.restaurant names. ENS domain investors should closely watch this space, because at this early stage it is a buyer’s market, making it the right time for investors to enter.”

But why are ENS names so important? Blockchain users are assigned permanent ‘wallet’ addresses, which are a string of unique characters that can receive, send or hold cryptocurrency. The recent hack of CoinDash.io in July, in which hackers accessed the CoinDash website during their ICO and changed the complex wallet address, is a sober illustration of the potential for fraud. Investors unwittingly sent $7.4 million USD to the hacked address, and the hacker walked away with all of the raised funds. Wallet addresses are unique, complex and nearly impossible to remember accurately, increasing the opportunity both for nefarious hacking and innocent human error. Using an ENS name, such as CoinDash.eth, would have simplified these transactions and minimized the margin for error or tampering.

Mano Samy is the founder of ENSListing.com, the leading marketplace to auction, buy, and sell ENS names. ENSListing is used by many of the ENS domain early investors to list their names for sale. Samy has also been instrumental in the formation of a Blockchain Industry Consortia within the oil and gas industry, implementing blockchain-based solutions for oil and gas business processes.

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