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Fast Facts

Ilze Kaulins-Plaskacz Ilze Kaulins-Plaskacz
Owner/Broker at Excellent Domains.ca Inc

Location: Canada/Florida
Time in the industry: 22 years
Favorite extension: .ca/com
Tell us which domain name you wish you owned: MaryJane.com



In Depth

Who would you call your mentor?

John, my Husband

What kinds of changes do you foresee in this industry within the industry in the next year? The next 5 years?

Upcoming changes in the next few years will be slow. Businesses are just now dipping their toes into the water again. Covid slowed everything down, but the current rise of inflation is also having an effect on domain sales. Of course there are sales, as reported by Ron Jackson of the DnJournal, but I can see in my main market (Canada)…there is a hesitancy to spend money until the economy becomes more stable. The inquiries have slowed down, and budgets have shrunk. Also, I have noticed the smaller businesses are the ones holding off. It seems some big businesses have the funds, and also recognizes the tax advantages a bit more.

Describe a recent challenge that you overcame.

Domaining always presents a variety of challenges. My most recent one was where I was being sued because a company felt I should have transferred a domain they wanted because they own the Trademark. After educating them, and showing them recent decisions, they ultimately purchased the domain from me. Needless to say, they spent quite a bit of money on lawyers, but, in the end, the Laws of the CDRP/UDRP convinced them. I did not need to use a lawyer, because after 22 years of being threatened and sued, I pretty much know the rules. My NAPA.ca CDRP was my first win. I find the legal aspect of domaining the most interesting, as it is constantly evolving, as is our business.

What fact about you would surprise people?

I used to be afraid to say one sentence in public. Frozen on the stage. Today, I love speaking on panels, and especially moderating. Being part of this industry has truly opened me up as a speaker.

What are you most proud of?

I am the most proud of my family. My son helps me run my Domain Portfolio and my Daughter keeps me grounded when it comes to making investing decisions.

What was the best advice you were ever given?

The best advice was given to me by my Mother and Father. Never lie or cheat or steal. Try to do the right thing. You will always sleep better at night. There is nothing better than a Good Nights Sleep… worry free!
It did. Go by quickly.

What’s the most recent thing you learned (big or small)?

I am learning things all the time, but mostly about myself. As I get older, I am more confident. I think this has to do with Domain Conferences, and the ability to feel comfortable around people in this industry. There is no judgment at NamesCon. Everyone wants to help each other. Regarding domains, I still to this day cannot make a judgment on the value of a domain name, without obvious recent sales. I am shocked at how investors are purchasing some new TLDs. Go Figure.

What are the current trends that are directly impacting your business?

Trends: The Legalization of Cannabis, both current and future, depending on where you live, is the most prevalent trend that affects my sales. Many of the MJ domains have already been snapped up, but with the introduction of new types of Cannabis products, the opportunities are still out there.

What are you most looking forward to at the upcoming NamesCon?

I am counting the days until NamesCon! I miss my friends and I look forward to meeting new domainers. Covid really put the brakes on Conferences. The last Conference I went to was also a NamesCon Conference in Austin, TX at the Omni Hotel. The event was not only informative but such a Blast! Domainers and Registrars and anyone related to this business come from all over the WORLD. It is truly an international crowd!

How would you describe NamesCon to a new domainer?

NamesCon is a conference where “newcomers” are embraced. Veterans love to share their knowledge and at the same time, like to have FUN. Domaining is a bit of an adventure with risks, and NamesCon is the place where you can get all the knowledge you can cram into your brain and then end the day with networking and a cocktail with old and new friends.

Name 3 things you can’t travel without.

  1. Electric tea lights and night lights for the hotel rooms and bathrooms.
  2. Binder clips: I use the large ones to keep hotel drapes closed to keep the sunlight out and I keep the medium size ones to clip to the A/C unit to keep the air from blowing on me.
  3. My own Coffee: I will travel with a small water kettle and a Melita filter to make the perfect cup of coffee in my own room. Add a milk frother, and I am in heaven! Even if a hotel has decent coffee, I won’t go down in the morning. No one should see me without my Coffee!!

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