Featured Attendee Profile: Brendan Wright, Just The .Domains

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Brendan Wright
Just The .Domains Inc.
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Fast Facts

Location: Vancouver, British Columbia
Favourite extension: .casino
Domain name you wished you owned: Casino.com
Now reading: “The Lean Startup: How Today’s Entrepreneurs Use Continuous Innovation to Create Radically Successful Businesses,” by Eric Ries
Your mentor: I’m actively looking to find the right mentor.


Describe your company and how long you have been there?
Just The .Domains (JT.D) was started in early 2015 when we identified the market niche that was created by two merging new opportunities. These opportunities are the development of Virtual Reality technologies and the release of the new TLD’s. JT.D’s portfolio is composed mostly of Virtual Reality themed domains, including 45 nTLD’s with the single word ‘virtual’ in front, for example virtual.casino and virtual.theater. We also have a wide selection of other trending category themes such as drones, sports, gaming and xxx.

What are your thoughts on the new TLDs?
I love them, they allow a business to have a url that is their exact name instead of adding a gTLD at the end. If I were to develop a business called Virtual Casino then I would much rather the domain virtual.casino over virtualcasino.com.

I believe that the nTLD’s will be recognized and fully accepted by the general public in a few years down the road. Until that happens we also have plenty of standard gTLD’s in our portfolio.

What are you most looking forward to at the upcoming NamesCon?
I’m new to the industry so I want to converse and learn from as many attendees as possible. I’m looking forward to developing meaningful contacts that I can build long-term business relationships with.

What was one of your biggest “Aha!” moments in life?
The first time that I tried Virtual Reality was definitely a big “Aha” moment for me. The technology’s still in its early days but it’s advancing fast and it will change the media landscape as we know it. I can’t overstate the importance that this technology will have.

What fact about you would surprise people?
I’m busy developing the ultimate portal for the Virtual Reality community. It will be a central hub for the community to get together, share information and experience the best of all things VR. We have a proto-site built but are looking for strategic development partners and funding before launching.

How does your career compare to what you envisioned in your youth?
I would have guessed that I would be focusing mostly on property development and management. I have focused much of my attention to these fields but now I believe that the tech sector is where the greatest opportunities are. I’m enjoying doing the various projects that we’re working on and I’m looking forward to scaling up as the technologies advance.

How would you describe what you do in a single sentence to a stranger?
I own a domain name investment and development company specializing in Virtual Reality technologies.

If you had fifteen extra minutes each day, what would you do with them?
Sleep, read or workout longer, it seems that personal time is all to often sacrificed for work.

Where is your favourite place to escape?
I’ve traveled to 39 countries so far and I’d have to say that the Galapagos Islands are my favourite destination. I highly recommend going to anyone interested. My one recommendation is to pre-book as little as possible, prices there are a fraction of pre-booked options.

What was the best advice you were ever given?
Take responsibility for your actions, never blame your tools, and always do your best.


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