Find Out What Your Domain is Worth at NamesCon Online

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Find out the value of your domain names on the spot, only at NamesCon Online!

Is it gold… or is it garbage? Fast, honest domain evaluations by top experts!

Whether they’ve been in the game for ten years or ten minutes, one big question looms large, burning in every domain investor’s mind: “What’s my domain worth?” At NamesCon Online, you’ll find out the answer.

In What’s my Domain Worth?, a panel of experts combine their experience, intuition, and the latest diagnostic techniques to let you know if you’re sitting on gold… or garbage!

You’ll experience real-time, no-BS domain valuation, with case studies from high-profile sales—and names from your own portfolio. That’s right, attendees will have a chance to get their prized names appraised during this session and its raucous Q&A.

Combining expertise from the established and emerging generations of domaining superstars, your panelists include Alan Shiflett (GoDaddy), Leanne McMahon (Pixel Corp), and Josh Reason ( Braden Pollock from Legal Brand Marketing will be trying his very best to keep things orderly—this session is always a high-energy blast and a NamesCon highlight!


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