Five Reasons Why You Can’t Miss NamesCon Europe 2019

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(... and why you won’t want to leave)

NamesCon Europe 2019 kicks off on June 20, and if you’re even halfway-serious about the domaining industry, you’ll want to be there. Here’s why.

100% Domain Investor-Relevant Content 

While it’s true that heavy hitters from the domain industry’s biggest companies will be there, NamesCon Europe is for the domain investors who bring such vibrant life to this sphere of the tech universe. Each expert panel and every illuminating keynote—even those by professional surfers—will have something actionable you can apply to your investment strategy. Here’s the NamesCon Europe 2019 agenda.

Live Domain Auction

For the first time ever, NamesCon Europe will give you the chance to apply your mind, heart, and nerves towards upsizing your portfolio in a single evening. Time to process what you’ve just learned in this year’s sessions and conversations, and apply it on the fly before the gavel drops! Top-end names like,, and many more will be up for grabs. 

Electrifying Conversations 

Our schedule has panels and keynotes feeding directly into conversations with your peers. Take your discussions to the meeting area, or the stunning hotel lobby with its deep chairs and comforting sense of privacy. You can also hit the lively streets of Cascais. You’ll leave Portugal with a broader perspective.

You’ll Learn to Surf

We’ve teamed up with Moana Surf School to get you into the water. You’ll hear from pro surfers Andrew Cotton and Joao de Macedo during the event, and you’ll get a chance to apply their wisdom in a literal fashion during our beach day! (Besides a surf lesson, we’ll also have some beach volleyball lined up. Chilling in the sand and having a drink at the seaside bar are also options—we don’t want to micromanage you.)

Lisbon is Really Close to Marrakech

ICANN65 takes place June 24-27 in Marrakech: that’s just two days after NamesCon Europe ends. Flying between the two only takes an hour and a half—while you’re in this beautiful corner of the world, why not make the most of it? (Getting to Cascais from the airport in Lisbon is also super-easy!)

We can’t wait for NamesCon Europe 2019 in Cascais, and we can’t wait to see you there! Registration is still open.

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