Getting to Portugal for NamesCon Europe is Easy

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Here’s how to get there, get away, and get around.

You may be wondering, “Are there still flights available to Lisbon in June?” The answer is a resounding Yes! Flight options abound for getting to Lisbon in June, no matter where you’re coming from. We’ve listed a few sample routes for you here, as well as including some useful travel-planning links to help you turn your NamesCon Europe 2019 visit into a proper European adventure.


Coming from the California and the Pacific NorthWest

You can fly from YVR to LIS via Toronto or Montreal on several airlines, with Air Canada and Air Transat providing the most flights. If you leave in the afternoon, you arrive in Lisbon the following morning. So, if you leave Rain City on June 18, you land in Lisbon at 9am on the 19th. You’ll have a day to yourself before NamesCon Europe starts, so beat that jet lag by relaxing at the beach! You can also take the day to explore Lisbon. (One fun option is HIPPOtrip: Its a bus and a boat in one! Kind of like the Boston Duck Tours.)

For the flight back, if you leave on Sunday the 23rd, you’ll be back in Vancouver on the same day due to the magic of time zones. Round-trip flights cost around C$1,100. The time difference between Lisbon and the West Coast is eight hours. Flight times and schedules are similar from Seattle and Portland, but those flights are a bit more expensive.


There are nonstop flights from San Francisco to Lisbon with Tap Portugal, as well as one-stop connecting flights from Los Angeles to Lisbon. A morning or early-afternoon departure can have you in Portugal by midday the following day.


Coming from Florida

TAP Portugal does a direct flight from Miami to Lisbon for under $1,000. If you leave on the afternoon of June 18, you get there early in the morning of the 19th. Returning on the morning of June 23 gets you home that same afternoon. (Getting to Lisbon Airport from Cascais takes only a 45-minute ride in a cab or Uber.) The time difference between Miami and Lisbon is five hours.


Coming from Europe

It’s a lot easier to get to Lisbon from within Europe! Cheap flights abound, from low-cost carriers and the bigger airlines that compete with them. For example, Eurowings offers a three-hour direct flight from Cologne, Germany: if you leave at 10am, you’re in Lisbon by noon local time (There’s a one-hour time difference). Round trips cost around €300.

There are many airlines offering direct flights to Portugal: we suggest flying from Gatwick. There’s no time difference, and a three-hour flight costs around £200. If you leave on the morning of June 18th, you’re in Lisbon by lunchtime.


Stay and Play, or Go and Wander!

While you’re in Europe, you may as well enjoy the summer for a bit. Domain investing requires a sense of adventure, so use it to do a bit of travelling! Explore Portugal like a local, or visit other European cities and do some exploring.

Internal flights within the Continent are much less expensive than they are in other parts of the world; and train and bus service is comprehensive, convenient, and affordable. Once you’re in Lisbon, you can also grab some fairly easy flights to gorgeous destinations like Casablanca, Istanbul, Tenerife, and Tel Aviv!

If you’re not yet used to putting international itineraries together on your own, Hipmunk is an amazing tool for this: it organizes flights not only by price, but by complexity and layover times. Portugal’s train service is modern and fast, and Flixbus runs a fleet of WiFi-enabled buses the let you work as you travel.

Need a place to stay? Besides asking your new domain-industry friends if you can crash on their couches, you can also use Hipmunk to reserve hotel rooms. Of course you can also use accommodation portals such as Airbnb,, Kayak, and Trivago.

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