GoDaddy’s CEO is our Keynote Speaker!

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Aman Bhutani has two decades of leadership experience, and a lot of insights to share

We’re excited to announce our main keynote speaker for NamesCon Global 2020: Aman Bhutani, CEO of GoDaddy. Since taking the helm in September, Bhutani has reaffirmed his commitment to transparency, as well as GoDaddy’s commitment to helping individuals and entrepreneurs realize their visions by getting the right domain and the right website.

“Aman is a proven, extraordinary leader with a strong track record at Expedia for delivering operational excellence in a complex, global business. His extensive knowledge and experience in product and engineering teams, and his belief in culture and leadership as differentiators will serve GoDaddy well,” said Chuck Robel, Chair of the GoDaddy Board of Directors, in a press release announcing Bhutani’s hire.

“I am energized by our commitment to help entrepreneurs succeed, because I believe everyday entrepreneurs make the world a better place for all of us,” Bhutani told the GoDaddy team as he stepped into CEO role. “Human curiosity and creativity are the driving forces behind all ideas, and we provide a unique combination of human and technology capabilities that help those ideas come to life. That is powerful, and I am inspired by our vision.”

Indeed, see how Bhutani tackles the classic internet question: Would you rather fight 100 duck-sized horses, or one horse-sized duck?

This is the sort of thinking—mixing experience with imagination, established practices with the new—that will help the domain industry take its next steps in evolution. Be a part of that evolution, and join us at NamesCon Global 2020. January 29-February 1, in Austin, Texas! Register today and save 30% on your ticket.


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