Humanistic Automation: Haseeb Tariq on How to Market Your Portfolio

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When it comes to marketing, person-to-person is now king (or queen). Canned communication is a thing of the past, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that automation has to mean spamming your audience. Automating can be personable, while also giving you the gift of time when you can hand off tedious tasks to marketing software. On Monday afternoon, Haseeb Tariq showed the NamesCon Global audience how marketing automation can help them make the most out of their sales.

Sharing details of his inspiring story—Tariq is from a small town in Pakistan and has since worked with brands like GUESS before settling into his role as marketing automation mastermind for—Tariq also gave advice on how to build both influence and audience share. He assured that his success wasn’t overnight, though; he noted that he experienced failures, too. But relying on “Humanistic Automation,” a term he coined that best describes his marketing automation strategy, he managed to build results.

To quote Bryan Kramer, Haseeb Tariq reinforces the idea that “there is no more B2B or B2C; it’s H2H—it’s human to human.” This even applies to pricing your domain portfolio. Use value-based pricing, he suggested, which includes understanding the psychology of your potential buyers.

“Success is learnable,” he reassured the crowd, “and everyone can do it!”

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