How to Use RegistryOffice to Track and Manage Marketing Campaigns

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Running marketing campaigns with Registrars and Resellers is a vital part of growing a top-level domain (TLD). In order for a Registry to successfully manage the many campaigns relating to their TLD(s), information is key and RegistryOffice’s Campaign Reports removes the guesswork from evaluating how campaigns are really performing.

RegistryOffice keeps and structures all data related to marketing campaigns (on a per registrar or global basis) and combining such information with transaction data provides valuable insights into campaign effectiveness and profitability. Information can be automatically populated into RegistryOffice from the Registry Service Provider or manually added and edited by the Registry itself, ensuring that the Registry has a complete picture of all campaigns and fees associated with them, including both fixed and variable marketing fees.

The Campaigns Dashboard is an overview of all campaigns and their impact on both revenue and costs. The Campaigns Dashboard also lists each campaign, so that campaigns can be compared against each other.

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Simply click one of the campaigns in the list on the dashboard to see the campaign report for that individual campaign:

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Each campaign report provides a summary of key metrics that can be used to measure the success of a particular campaign. Included in the report is also the Registrar’s performance both during and after the campaign, as well as the actual renewal rate (in cases where that can be determined) and estimated renewal rates for the remaining periods.

If you would like a demonstration of how RegistryOffice Campaign Tracker works, please reach out to

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