ID4me Summit in Madrid: The Future of DNS-Based Security


October 2019: See how security can exist without lock-in

NamesCon Global 2020 is still several months away, but you can keep your hand in the game as you gear up for the Domain Economic Forum. Start by hitting up one of our partner conferences, the 2019 ID4me Summit in Madrid, and explore the future of democratic identity services.

ID4me is a not-for-profit group of ISPs, registrars, and registries—including the biggest names in the business— seeking to provide users with open and internationally-available identity services that keep data safe and secure, while promoting user choice and avoiding identity lock-ins. Come see what the fuss is about (and Madrid is a pretty exciting place to do it).

ID4me Summit takes place October 17-18 at the Palacio Neptuno and Vincci Soho in the heart of Madrid, and registration is free.

ID4me: Domain-Based Security
The open ID4me protocol is domain-based, using the  DNS as its underlying identifier technology, combining it with the OpenID Connect and OAuth standards into a unique and widely-adoptable solution. ID4me is supported by organizations such as the Association of the Internet Industry, the Domain Name Association, and the i2Coalition.

ID4me was demonstrated at CloudFest, our sister conference, earlier this year. During the CloudFest 2019 Hackathon, the ID4me identity service was successfully implemented in 11 different integrations—including WordPress— and more will be presented at the Summit in October. For the user, using ID4me is similar to signing into a website or service with Facebook, Gmail, or Twitter.
As Chairman Andreas Gauger, a pioneer in the hosting industry, pointed out at CloudFest: “This is the opportunity for us as an industry to create a global standard for digital identity.” If we’re making 2020 all about how the domain industry can positively impact the rest of the tech world, then you can get a head start by going to the ID4me Summit!

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