Interview with the Leaders of NamesCon and Domaining Europe

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NamesCon Europe evolves, while maintaining the soul of Domaining Europe

Find your place in domain-industry history as NamesCon Europe evolves.

As NamesCon Europe 2019 approaches, Ron Jackson of Domain Name Journal chatted with NamesCon CEO Soeren von Varchmin and Head of NamesCon Helga Neumer about how the conference has been evolving and what attendees can expect once they arrive in Cascais, Portugal.

Helga has never been one to complain about her workload, in fact the first thing she wanted to talked about was a new experience guests can look forward to in Cascais that will be fun as well as informative.

Helga: This is the first time that NamesCon Europe will feature surfing. Nobody says “surfing the net” anymore, but we can do it with real boards in Cascais.  […] We wanted a location that people would really want to visit, but also a place that’s easy to get to. Lisbon is one of the most popular destinations in the world right now. Besides being the home of Web Summit and the new home of so many tech professionals, and I guess Madonna, it’s just such a hot place to be right now. The energy is amazing!

Of course it’s not all fun in the sun: attendees will learn some actionable tricks of the trade from experts who have been there and done that. Not just investors, but entrepreneurs, brokers, and… professional surfers? Yes. Professional surfers. They have lessons for the domain industry as well.

Soeren: This time, NamesCon Europe is totally investor-focused. We wanted to send a really clear message that this event isn’t just about the C-Suites of service providers, but rather it welcomes the domain investors who make this whole ecosystem work. So we chose topics for our expert panels that would be of keen interest to domain investors, and that will deliver insights they can apply right away. So anyone who is serious about making a future for themselves in this industry should join us. Go to and register!

Ron also got hold of the father—nay, the godfather!— of Domaining Europe, Dietmar Stefitz. The NamesCon team is thrilled that he’ll be joining us in Cascais. Not only does Dietmar bring a super-deep knowledge of the industry with him everywhere he goes, he’s also a really nice guy who’s fun to be around.

Dietmar: When I handed over Domaining Europe to Soeren to be NamesCon Europe, we agreed that the event should be held every year in a different European country. Lisbon is the first step of this show tour. Helga did a great job in finding the venue, which is a 17th-Century fortress that’s been converted into a 5-star luxury hotel and arts district. 2020 will be in another European country, which could beFranceItaly or one of the many European countries. Europe is very different from the USA, as every country has its own domains (ccTLDs) which are a good combination with other domains for investors.

Check out the entire interview on Domain Name Journal. It should get you psyched for your journey to Lisbon! Registration is still open, and hotels and flights are both readily available and surprisingly affordable.

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