NamesCon Global 2020 First Keynote Speaker Announcement

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Meet the man behind the phenom.

James Booth built upon his natural talent with dedication and hard work.

Phenomenal news! Announcing our first keynote speaker for NamesCon Global 2020: James Booth, the domain broker who runs the award-winning He’s cleared over $30 million in sales before turning 30, with $10 million in 2019 alone.

James got his start in wealth management, rolling the dice on a move to Southeast Asia to take on a new job. That gig didn’t go according to plan, but there was a silver lining: James was introduced to the world of domaining. He demonstrated an early aptitude, as it turned out. After a few months of securing domains for clients, James began his own domain investment career in earnest.

Building a Business, Building a Brand
James started BQDN (Buy Quality Domain Names)—now—in 2015 and has never looked back. The new name itself began as a domain investment, but He noticed the property’s brandability potential very early on. As he said in an interview, ”After careful consideration—and our main business focus being one-word .com and three-letter .com domains—I decided that we ourselves needed a killer brand name, and just fit perfectly. ‘Phenom’ is globally known as a shorter version of ‘phenomenal’, and this name will resonate with buyers and sellers across the globe. The name portrays we mean business!”

Indeed, James and his team dedicate themselves not only to investment, but helping brands evolve online—starting with that crucial first step: scoring the perfect name. As brick-and-mortar retail weakens, online branding becomes much more important.

Meet James Booth at NamesCon
Join us for a fireside chat with James Booth as he discusses the many facets of value that a domain can offer, and the key role trust plays in forming the relationships that make deals happen. We can’t wait to see you in Austin!

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