The Magic of Storytelling: Kate Buckley on How to Spin a Yarn and Land a Whale

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Stories aren’t just for children. Kate Buckley, CEO of Buckley Media, took the .GLOBAL Keynote Hall stage on Monday to convince the NamesCon Global audience that storytelling can be an incredibly effective tool for those in the domain industry. Stories have been an important part of Kate’s life; she believes that “stories help us know who we are, help us know where we’ve been, and help us chart a path to where we want to go.”

This isn’t to say that you should try to weave an epic about kings and queens, dragons and dragon-slayers. According to Kate—who’s a poet, writer, and a domain broker—effective storytelling can help your brand be more engaging, which you can then use as leverage for your business.

In telling your brand’s story by framing it with the questions why, who, and what, you can craft the perfect pitch. Through sharing your vision in such a way that’s convincing and compelling, you are far more likely to succeed with the right buyer.

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