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NamesCon Europe 2019 takes place at the PESTANA CIDADELA CASCAIS AND ARTS DISTRICT.

The Pestana Cidadela is located right in the heart of Cascais.

The full address is: Av. Dom Carlos I, 2750-310 Cascais, Portugal

The nearest airport in Portugal is Lisbon (LIS). The fastest way to get from the airport to the event venue is by taxi or Uber, which takes around 45 minutes. Look for the marked stands once you pick up your luggage. Uber fares are around €30-40; €10 more for Uber Black.

The NamesCon Europe event spaces are just inside the main entrance arch to the Cidadela: you can’t miss them.



The Name Badge Pickup Desk is based in the Exhibition and Meeting Area.
As you enter the Pestana Cidadela Cascais, it’s on your left. When you arrive, please go directly there to pick up your name badge.
Name Badge Desk Hours: Thursday and Friday: 9:30am-6pm

Please note that your Eventbrite registration confirmation is required to pick up your badge.
It is important that you wear your badge at all times during the event.




If you need assistance upon your arrival at NamesCon, we are here to help. Please visit our Information Desk, located in the same place as the Name Badge Pickup Desk; or just speak to a member of our friendly staff, whom you’ll spot throughout the event.
Should you be in need of directions, experience security issues, or have further questions, the Information Desk can also assist you.
Information Desk Hours: Thursday and Friday: 9:30am-6pm



Despite being a 17th-Century fortress, the Cidadela is equipped with WiFi for your use.
The SSID is Pestana_Guest, and no password is required to join.




The Welcome Session kicks off at 10:00am on Thursday the 20th.
You can see the full agenda here: NamesCon Europe 2019 Agenda




Lunch is from 1:00pm to 2:30pm on Thursday and Friday, and will be served in the Exhibition and Meeting Area.
You’ll also need some caffeine, so we’ll be providing coffee breaks at 9:00am and 3:30pm on Thursday and Friday.
Lunch on Saturday will be at the beach. Once your shuttle takes you to Praia do Guincho, you’ll walk past the restaurant on the way to the sand and surf.




There’s so much noise on social media, so hashtags are a great way to cut through all the noise.
As an internet professional, you know that consistency is important… so here it is—the official hashtag of NamesCon Europe:
#NamesConEurope. You probably saw that one coming!




In case you find yourself in need of assistance, please use one of the contacts below:
Hotel Pestana Cidadela Cascais: 00351 21 481 4300
NamesCon Staff:




June 22nd will be spent at the beach! We’ll be hitting Praia do Guincho, a surfing paradise.

Shuttle service will take you there in the morning, then back to the conference venue in the late afternoon. Please make sure to reserve your shuttle slot beforehand at Information Desk: you can do this throughout the conference. Please be on time for shuttle pickup!

If you prefer to take a taxi or Uber to the beach at your own expense, you can give this address to your driver:

Estrada do Abano, Praia do Guincho, 547, 2755-144, Portugal

Before you get on the shuttle bus, you’ll get a wristband: this is your key to drinks at Bar do Guincho and the beach bar; as well as lunch.

If you wish to take a 90-minute surf lesson (which you should totally do!), secure your spot at the Registration/Information Desk.
We’ll also have beach volleyball going on, as well as a reserved area with sunshades and deckchairs, so you can relax in style.




We are really looking forward to our time together, and wish you a swift and pleasant journey to NamesCon Europe.


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