Making the Most Out of NamesCon Global 2019: For Attendees

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I attended my first NamesCon a number of years ago (that number will remain undisclosed). I had a fabulous time, but I definitely learned some important lessons that I would love to share with new and returning attendees. Whether you are there to network, learn more about the domaining industry because you are hoping to get involved, or are there to catch up with old friends, these tips will help you make the most out of your experience at the conference.

Get there early

Especially if you are traveling from a different timezone. There is nothing worse than trying to meet new people, remember names, or trying to pay attention to keynote speakers while your internal clock keeps telling you it’s bedtime. Even one day of rest can make the world of a difference to get you accustomed to the riveting Las Vegas timezone. This is important for those who hail from the PST zone, too, as you will find that Vegas runs on a clock that is all on its own.

If you can, arrive during the morning on Saturday and try to get some sun exposure. Studies show that if you are exposed to the morning sunlight, your body will naturally produce its own melatonin to be released later that evening. You can find more tips on beating jet lag here. Plus, you can pick up your NamesCon name badge on Saturday ahead of the busy Sunday crowds. The most important things to try to adhere to when you arrive early, though? Eat healthy food, drink plenty of water, stay away from coffee and alcohol—good luck doing that in Vegas, but at least we can try! 😉

Manage your time

The number one way to do this is by downloading the NamesCon Global Event app! The app will help you create your own personalized agenda by adding sessions you plan to attend from the main agenda. You will also be able to rate and review the sessions you attend. This will allow you to give feedback to help shape our future events!

If you are more of a physical in-hand agenda kind of person then you can pick up a conference guide at the registration desk and highlight the session that interests you. This way, you can schedule important meetings and networking events while attending as many sessions as you can so you don’t miss out on the action. Watch for announcements in your inbox closer to show dates for how to download the event app.

Tour the Exhibit Hall

Take your time to tour the Exhibit Jall and stop by all the booths. Sponsors work really hard to arrange fun and eye-catching displays. They also give out loads of swag! Don’t wait until it all runs out—be the first to get in on the fun. The Exhibit Hall is open only on Monday and Tuesday this year, so be sure to prioritize a good walk-through on one of those days.

Network, network, network

Attend as many sessions as you can because you never know what important connections you will make in a session. After all, you already share a common interest with everyone else sitting in the room, there to hear a speaker or learn about a specific topic, so start a conversation with your seat neighbour!

The event app also has an awesome “Shake & Connect” feature. All you have to do is open the app and shake your phone to connect with other attendees and expand your network. You can also use the app to stay connected. The wall/social feed lets everyone know your thoughts by adding text or images to the social wall as well.

Attend social events and receptions

This is where the magic happens. This is where people let loose and make the memories that live on for many years to come. Check out our agenda for more information.

If you still aren’t registered to come to the conference in January, don’t delay any longer! Register for NamesCon 2019 before Friday, November 30 to take advantage of phase 1 of our ticketing presale. After that, passes will increase in price.

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