NamesCon Europe 2019 Extended Domain Auction Ends July 2: Bid Now

Auction 2

Time waits for no investor

The first-ever NamesCon Europe live domain auction reflected the tastes and strategies of the European domain investor. DNJournal has a great rundown on the evening.

With a 55% sell-through rate, auction organizer Monte Cahn from Right of the Dot said that result was closely in line with what one would expect in a North American auction environment.

What this really means for you, though, is that many highly desireable names are still on the table… at least, for the next day or two.


Extend Auction Ends Really Soon

The NamesCon Europe extended domain auction ends Tuesday, July 2. Move quickly, or miss out on some highly liquid, brandable, and investor-friendly names that your portfolio will love. These are a few of the premium domains that are up for grabs:
another .COM that rhymes with “venus” and definitely isn’t junk

… and many more.


Something for Everyone

Different investors have different strategies for different financial and career goals. Whatever your path, you’ll find something to fit your portfolio in the NamesCon Europe 2019 extended domain auction, but you’ll have to act soon, because the clock is ticking. Good luck, and happy bidding!

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