NamesCon Expands into India

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NamesCon is on the rise in 2017 with two regional shows on our global agenda, landing in Mumbai with NamesCon India on May 19 and then off to Shanghai for NamesCon China on October 12.

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With NamesCon India quickly approaching, we thought we’d explain why we chose this location as our first venue for a regional show.

India continues to develop as a very exciting market to explore – boasting over 1.3 billion people, 50% of whom are under 25 years of age. The domain penetration rate in India is just getting started, suggesting a big potential market for domain properties. As the per capita GDP continues its current upward trajectory, more and more Indians are entering the middle classes, boosting support for the domain and internet services markets.

While the global demand for domain names has grown at a solid 8.7% annual pace for the last three years, over the same period India has been expanding its domain market by a blistering 11.9% every year. Usage of these domains continues to distribute widely with 40% going to new websites, 10 – 12% for email services, and about 5% flowing into mobile-enabled websites, portals, and social media properties.

“When we look at a young population hungry for technology, we see an explosive growth opportunity for the web hosting and cloud industry in India. WHD and NamesCon is going to Mumbai to help educate both local businesses and larger players on the potential we see here, and help these companies connect with the right partners. Ultimately, we want to encourage the success and growth of our industry and India will be a large part of the web hosting and cloud future.”

Bertil Brendeke MBA, CEO WorldHostingDays and NamesCon

You can expect a full day of education sessions, networking, and a lively Domain Auction to close out the day at our first ever NamesCon India. Attendance is free, so join us for this inaugural event!

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