NamesCon Global 2020: Join Us for the Domain Economic Forum

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We're taking you 360 degrees around the dot

Get ready to experience the evolution of NamesCon Global

Our flagship conference has grown to be the largest and most anticipated domain industry event of the year, and now we’re moving to Austin, Texas to establish the Domain Economic Forum. This coincides with the World Economic Forum, which serves as a model for the NamesCon conference moving forward. This domain-focused conference will highlight the economy that is built around domain names, serving as an invitation for the domain industry’s players to re-establish themselves in the context of the larger tech sphere.

The Depth and Scale of the Domain Economy

According to a brief by Verisign, the Domain Name Market closed in the first quarter of 2019 with 351.8 million domain name registrations across all top-level domains (TLDs), for an increase of 3.1 million domain name registrations (0.9%) compared to the fourth quarter of 2018. Domain name registrations have grown by 18.0 million—that’s 5.4%—year over year. These numbers suggest a vibrant ecosystem, including all services to create, deliver, buy, sell, analyze, secure, and manage domains—this is the Domain Economy, and it is very large indeed. NamesCon Global will provide a broad overview of the complex domain market and the opportunities therein: not just left or right of the dot, but 360 degrees around the dot.

A New Location for a New Focus

Leaving Las Vegas means putting on a new style of event. Instead of being stuck in one venue, exploring our host city becomes part of the experience: think of it as more like a campus than a single event space. We’re setting up our hub at the Omni Austin Hotel Downtown, right in the beating heart of of this tech-forward city! From there, it’s just a stone’s throw to the eating, drinking, and music venues we’ll be using to deliver a 360-degree experience for you, your colleagues, and your potential new partners. When you think of Austin, you’re probably envisioning live music, great BBQ, and cutting-edge technology. NamesCon will bring you up close and personal with all three.

Together we’ll make the most of the entrepreneurial and creative elements of this tech-forward city. Through industry-leader keynotes, expert panels, hands-on workshops, and a live domain auction, you’ll come face to face with the entire ecosystem of the domain-name economy like never before. Our website,, now reflects the new format of this event: keep an eye on it—we’ll post scheduling and accommodation updates as they emerge.

Registration is open right now—advance tickets are going for just $499. The price will go up at the end of September. We’re looking forward to seeing you in Austin, January 29-February 1, 2020.

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