NamesCon Global 2022 Agenda Reveal: Domaining for Grown-ups!

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Whether you’re new to domaining and digital asset investment or you’re ready for expert-level action, you can’t afford to miss NamesCon Global 2022 in Austin, Texas.

Okay, folks, this one is rated X for ‘X-tremely Valuable”! Our latest NamesCon Global 2022 agenda reveal is the next step in completing the picture of what domaining and digital asset investment looks like this year and into the future.

Are You Looking at a Gem or Junk?

I Michael Cyger Headshot nvesting in domain names is similar to investing in asset classes like real estate or stocks. To become profitable as an investor or broker, you must understand the key characteristics that define a domain name, use them to find relevant, recent, and retail-priced comparable sales, and know how to value domain names in the wholesale and retail markets. You must also make educated assumptions about aspects like desirability, traffic and appreciation. Increasing your valuation accuracy sets you up to make better decisions in both buying and selling domain names. In How to Value Domain Names Step-by-Step, Michael Cyger, DNAcademy founder and Director of Education for GoDaddy, will provide both a framework and toolset for doing just that.

This session is part of the first day’s theme, Skills to Pay the Bills, where you’ll connect with leading experts, as well as industry updates from the regulators, brokers, investors, and service providers who set the agenda for this industry.

(You’ll get your chance to flex your newly-pumped valuation muscles soon enough, at the NamesCon premium domain and NFT auction—more on that coming soon!)

Rated X for “X-tremely Valuable”

Krista-Gable Monte-Cahn There’s great value in adult-oriented names (and names that can be perceived as such), but they’re extremely tricky to work with. Recently, the FOSTA and SESTA Acts in the United States have fundamentally altered the concept of “safe haven” in content hosting, which has upended how legitimate business in sex-tech is carried out. Join Krista Gable (founder and CEO, Domain Domme) and Monte Cahn (founder and President, RightOfTheDot) for Adult Domain Names and get into the ins and outs of buying, selling, developing, and monetizing in this unique and valuable namespace.

This session is part of the Day 3 theme of Digital Assets of Tomorrow, where the NamesCon community will explore the future of names through lenses you may not expect: besides adult names, we’ll be examining metaverse names, blockchain-based domaining, and more.

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4 Days, 4 Themes, 1 Goal

NamesCon Global 2022 has four themes, one for each day:

  • Skills to Pay the Bills
  • Make Power Moves
  • Digital Assets of Tomorrow
  • FunDay

Find out how these themes will help you master your digital assets.

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