NamesCon Guide to Las Vegas: Off the Beaten Path

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We’re proud to officially present the NamesCon Guide to Las Vegas, brought to you by ICANNWiki and Seat’s Taken Concierge! Many of you will be aware of the fabulous city guides that the team at ICANNWiki puts together for the ICANN conferences around the world, so we asked them to help you navigate fabulous Las Vegas. When you’re in Sin City, Seat’s Taken Concierge will not only recommend all the hottest spots but can probably get you a killer deal as well. So sit back and relax (while you still can) because we’re here to help you make the most of your time during NamesCon 2016.

NamesCon Guide to Las Vegas: Off the Beaten Path


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Downtown Las Vegas “Lip Smacking” Foodie Tour
This comprehensive culinary tour takes you everywhere–from the Itsy Bitsy (a customizable ramen and Japanese street-food shop) to the larger than life Container Park, where shipping containers house boutiques and bustling restaurants. This tour is lovingly presented by Las Vegas experts who offer an insider view of the city and the food and people that make it so great.


Pinball Hall of Fame
If you’re looking for something fun and a little nostalgic, take a trip to the Las Vegas Pinball Hall of Fame. This disarmingly simple “focused on the game” venue keeps it real, sans frills. With carpet snagged from a Convention Centre weekend show, change machines swiped from the infamous Golden Nugget, and an exhaustive collection of 152 computerized and non-computerized games, the Pinball Hall of Fame is a trip you shouldn’t miss!


BODIES Exhibition
Part Anatomy and Physiology class, part sideshow tour, BODIES…The Exhibition, is one of the oddest shows on the strip. Featuring 13 whole body specimens and a large number organs that have been plastinated to preserve wholeness and integrity, BODIES gives visitors a close up of what lies under the skin.  

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Akhob (James Turrell exhibit)
Vegas is a city of bright lights and even brighter places and personalities. And while James Turrell’s permanent exhibit, hidden within the Louis Vuitton boutique relies on similar luminescence to stir and soothe, the installation ultimately offers a quiet, meditative respite from the strip. Prepare for a labyrinthian effect that heightens your senses in the best way possible.

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The Laundry Room
The Laundry Room isn’t entirely a secret anymore, what with the Internet and all, but it is an experience. This intimate and hidden jewel requires a password (received via text), your discretion and no photography. Drinks are treated as high art, bartenders are known on a first name basis and for their skill. Treat yourself to this wonder if you’re in the mood for a one-on-one conversation without the flicker of a phone.


During NamesCon, be sure to visit Seat’s Taken Concierge near the conference Registration Desk for directions and information on special discounts and deals that we’ve secured just for NamesCon attendees!


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