NamesCon Guide to Las Vegas: Outside

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1000-guide to LV2We’re proud to officially present the NamesCon Guide to Las Vegas, brought to you by ICANNWiki and Seat’s Taken Concierge! Many of you will be aware of the fabulous city guides that the team at ICANNWiki puts together for the ICANN conferences around the world, so we asked them to help you navigate fabulous Las Vegas. When you’re in Sin City, Seat’s Taken Concierge will not only recommend all the hottest spots but can probably get you a killer deal as well. So sit back and relax (while you still can) because we’re here to help you make the most of your time during NamesCon 2016.

NamesCon Guide to Las Vegas: Outside


Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area
A half hour west of the city is Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area. Visitors consider this a must-see, nearby trip for any stops to the strip. Set aside a few hours to explore the multitude of trails, each with varying views and difficulties.

The Interpretive Center is a wise stop for anyone curious about plants and wildlife, geology or Mojave Max, the official “spokestortoise” of the Mojave Desert.


Pink Jeep Tours
These iconic (and timely) jeeps not only take you on a four hour tour of the man-made wonder that is the Hoover Dam, they pick you up and drop you off directly from your hotel.

Take a seat in these impeccably clean and comfortable jeeps and learn the history and construction of this marvelous feat of engineering and manpower. Told with wit and warmth, the Pink Jeep Tours are a great way to experience the Hoover Dam and surrounding areas.


Maverick Helicopters
Maverick Helicopters offer a spectacular bird’s-eye view of the Vegas lights at night, or a sweeping tour of Lake Mead, an extinct volcano, and the Hoover Dam.

These highly rated tours give you an inspiring and new insight into the city and its surroundings. Tours are delivered by seasoned pilots, and flights are complemented with champagne and light snacks.  


Dig This
Dubbed by one reviewer as “Slightly terrifying, mostly fun,” Dig This is a great way to play in the dirt with machines that move and shape the earth.

Choose your tool first–bulldozer or hydraulic excavator, and make your move! Take a breathalyzer, safety test and get ready to learn more about your vehicle. After a few practice rounds get ready to tear and repair a few new holes in the giant sandbox that is Dig This.


Arizona Hot Spring
Soaking in the Arizona Hot Springs is the Nevada nature experience to write home about. Birthed from fissures in volcanic rock, the springs provides a healthful transportation to bliss with a concentrated dose of mineralized water.

This trip can be accessed via a six-mile hike and 20 foot ladder. Traveling in the winter after NamesCon may be the best time–nothing like soaking well worked bones in 111-degree water to make you feel right as rain.


During NamesCon, be sure to visit Seat’s Taken Concierge near the conference Registration Desk for directions and information on special discounts and deals that we’ve secured just for NamesCon attendees!

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