NamesCon Guide to Las Vegas: Specialty Drinks

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We’re proud to officially present the NamesCon Guide to Las Vegas, brought to you by ICANNWiki and Seat’s Taken Concierge! Many of you will be aware of the fabulous city guides that the team at ICANNWiki puts together for the ICANN conferences around the world, so we asked them to help you navigate fabulous Las Vegas. When you’re in Sin City, Seat’s Taken Concierge will not only recommend all the hottest spots but can probably get you a killer deal as well. So sit back and relax (while you still can) because we’re here to help you make the most of your time during NamesCon 2016.

NamesCon Guide to Las Vegas: Specialty Drinks


FIZZ Noir Edison Graff

Fizz Noir @ Fizz Champagne Lounge @ Caesar’s
The Fizz is notorious for just that–the bubble and fizz of champagne. They don’t disappoint with a highly modern interior with revolving art exhibits. Check out their Fizz Noir, a maroon-hued beauty with a tart cherry taste and long-lasting effervescent brut bubbles.

Japanese Whisky @ Itsy Bitsy Ramen
Whiskey typically comes in two nationalities: Irish and Scotch. So when Itsy Bitsy Ramen rolled into town with a menu inclusive of some of the best Japanese whiskeys to date, it certainly turned heads. Order some tonkotsu ramen with buttered corn and the single malt Yamazaki.

Irish Honey @ Park on Fremont
Park on Fremont is a hipper, more casual spot to relax and enjoy Fremont street and fresh air. This bar prides itself on good art, spacious back patios and simple but tasty cocktails. In lieu of a summer day, try the Hopster–a citrusy cocktail with a tequila base and salted rim.

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The Infinite Playlist @ The Chandelier
This new take on a old favourite features delicious toffee-toned rum (12 years aged) with a hint of vanilla and orange peel garnish. Enjoy this drink and more in the light-laden, ethereal Chandelier where every sip seems pulled from under the sea.


During NamesCon, be sure to visit Seat’s Taken Concierge near the conference Registration Desk for directions and information on special discounts and deals that we’ve secured just for NamesCon attendees!

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