NamesCon Online 2021 Stats and Highlight Reel

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How the Domaining Community Made NamesCon Online 2021 a Success

Can you quantify a feeling? We'll try!

As soon as NamesCon Online 2021 wrapped, we immediately rolled up our sleeves and dug into the numbers. This is how we get an immediate sense of how domain name industry professionals engage with our programming, and how you all interact with each other. So let’s get statistical! First of all, here’s who showed up:

  • 1,200+ Attendees (a new NamesCon record)
  • 60 different countries represented (not as many as Cassie De Pecol visited, but still a wonderfully diverse crowd)
  • The majority of attendees joined us from the US, (28%) but we also had 12% from India and on a shared 3rd place Canada and Germany (each 5%). Those two countries represent the genesis and the current state of NamesCon!
  • 108 speakers in 76 sessions

Well-Attended Sessions at NamesCon Online

On average, 440 domainers watched each session as the two main tracks ran in parallel. The Domain Auction and the crowd-pleasing “What’s My Domain Worth?” panel drew in the most unique live views, with 495 following the show live.

We counted over 10,000 session views as the live element of NamesCon Online 2021 wrapped up—and with the recordings available for registered attendees until the end of February, attendees could go back and catch anything they may have missed. 

Seems like you liked this year’s program! Sessions scored an average rating of 4.5 stars overall: 4.88 on Breakout Track and 4.29 on the Keynote Track.

New Platforms for Domaining Deals

Clubhouse hit the domaining world’s radar just before the event, and it seemed to have tapped some of our networking power (we get it—we like exploring new platforms, too). So our networking numbers were down 20% compared to September, but you all still interacted quite heavily. Here’s what networking looked like:

  • 15,988 Profile views
  • 23,304 Messages sent (and, no, we can’t read them!)
  • 325 Lounge meetings

NamesCon Beyond the Numbers

It’s not enough to look at the raw numbers, of course. We need to get a sense of how it felt to attend NamesCon Online. So here’s a quick highlight reel! Can you spot yourself in action?


Planning for the Next NamesCon Event

We’re taking a few days of rest and relaxation before we go full speed ahead into the next chapter. There’s still a bit of uncharted water around what’s going to happen this year, but we will be in touch soon with plans for the rest of this year’s NamesCon events: they’ll have virtual and—we hope—some physical components. With NamesCon Europe planned for the summer and NamesCon Global planned for the autumn (plus maybe a pop-up surprise or two), we plan on keeping you busy. Be sure to follow us on social media, and also subscribe to our newsletter!

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