NamesCon Online Handshake Track – More Details on What You’ll Learn

Blockchain Domains

Explore where Cryptocurrency and Domain Names Intersect

Nice to meet you, Handshake! Up close and personal with a decentralized namespace.

We recently introduced the Handshake Track at NamesCon Online, and now it’s time to reveal more about what domain name investors will learn on this specialized track.

Crypto + Domains: The Future

Bitcoin has been popular with domain investors for years. With the emergence of blockchain domains such as Handshake, as well as NFTs, where should a domain investor direct their efforts?

When Namespaces Collide

There’s more than one internet, and they’re all in constant simultaneous use. So what happens when centralized and decentralized namespaces run into each other? Explore how to deal with naming hierarchy, ambiguity, and potential chaos—as well as the opportunities for innovation that exist where internets collide.

NFT and Blockchain Investing

New breeds of digital assets require new modes of thinking. In this session, find out which existing investor instincts can still work, and which new tricks and techniques you’ll have to learn.

Handshake Use Cases

Learn how innovators are building on their Handshake names—and how dLinks, redirects, and logins work in the growing market and ecosystem of Handshake.

Numbers on Handshake Investing

What is the average ROI on investing in names on Handshake? We’ll dig into some case studies and strategies that real investors have used in selling their names.

Flamingo Handshake Auction ????

Grab instantly-recognizable emoji and single-word TLDs on the decentralized internet, and see just how hot these names are getting. Get a leg up on the competition as the Handshake namespace heats up!

The Handshake Track will run Wednesday-Thursday, September 22-23, 8 pm to 12 am UTC, with the Flamingo Handshake Auction running 7 pm to 9 pm on September 24. Note that this track starts just as the two “traditional” domaining tracks conclude, so you won’t miss anything as you explore the future of digital assets. Check out the entire agenda and start planning your experience now.

The Handshake Track is powered by three fantastic companies who are hands-on with the evolving domain name industry:

Namecheap helps entrepreneurs, investors,side-hustlers, and just about everyone else easily and affordably purchase, manage, and host their domains.

Namebase makes it easy to secure Handshake domains, making you a player in decentralizing the internet—it all starts with owning your own name.

.forever domains bring you truly decentralized domain names anchored in Handshake, with no renewal fees that support DNS and https.

Grab your pass and connect with the rest of the domain name industry: this link will save you 10% on your registration.

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