NamesCon Online Premium Domain Auction Coming September 2021

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This is the go-big-or-go-home ultra-premium domain name auction!

Are you ready for the big leagues? Prove it at the NamesCon RightOfTheDot Premium Domain Auction!

It’s not NamesCon without a premium domain auction, right? NamesCon and our friends at RightOfTheDot will present a hand-picked selection of creme-de-la-creme digital assets for you to add to your portfolio. These will be rare, highly-coveted names that rarely appear in the wild. If you miss out, your portfolio will definitely give you the silent treatment. 

The Premium Domain Auction is where your domaining skillset is truly put to the test: everything you know about valuation, brandability, and portfolio strategy comes into play, and the clock is ticking as you bid against fellow NamesCon attendees as well as participants across the globe. 

NamesCon Premium Domain Auction Separates the Best from the Rest

If the [Rapid-Fire Domain Auction] is Major League Soccer, think of the Premium Domain Auction as the Champion’s League. Presented live from a broadcast studio, World Champion Auctioneer Wayne Wheat will run the show at a rapid pace as he and ROTD President Monte Cahn auction off these super-premium names.

This is the auction where you make power moves that might scare newbie investors, who watch in awe and admiration while thinking, “One day that will be me…” In other words, this is a high-stakes, high-reward auction for the best digital real estate, so bring your A-game, you high roller, you!

The NamesCon Online Premium Domain Auction will take place on Day 2 of NamesCon Online (September 23). 

Submissions are now open. Monte and his team are highly meticulous in their evaluations, so only visit RightOfTheDot’s auction submission page with your top names. The auction begins September 23 at 7pm UTC (3pm ET/noon PT) on

Meanwhile, if you haven’t yet registered for NamesCon Online, grab your ticket now and join us September 22-24 on our online platform. This is where the whole domaining world gathers and makes things happen, and we’re pushing the agenda further than ever before.

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Led by domain industry pioneer Monte Cahn, RightOfTheDot is an accredited and licensed business and digital asset auction company; and an internet consulting and advisement firm specializing in premium domain names, digital assets and NFT auctions, sales, brokerage in new and existing top level domains, and digital real estate. RightOfTheDot also specializes in contention resolution services involving same or similar digital assets, board advisement, premium domain market positioning, sales and services. Monte was founder and former CEO of, former president of and former senior VP of Monte Cahn and RightOfTheDot have been involved in more than 1000 live and online auctions and $560 million in domain names, digital real estate, and asset sales since 1995.

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