NamesCon Online Returns September 22-24

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NFT, Crypto, emerging platforms all affect domaining, so get ahead of the curve.

Registration is now open: catch the Early Bird!

The domain name industry is evolving too quickly for us to wait until 2022, so join us for another edition of NamesCon Online, September 22-24. Take a front-row seat for the latest developments in brokerage, investing, aftermarket, and the registry and registrar spaces—plus round-the-clock networking, of course. Registration is now open, and you can score an Early Bird 20% discount on a Standard Pass! 

Invest in a Bold Future with NamesCon Online

Not only have valuations been exploding during the past six months, but other shifts in the larger tech world are going to impact what you do as a domain investor and digital entrepreneur. 

  • NFT technology: Non-fungible tokens have not quite had their Oprah moment, but that’s surely coming soon: there’s finally a way to value a purely-digital work, and it’s closely tied to cryptocurrency. Speaking of which…
  • Crypto: While Bitcoin remains the household name, other digital currencies are stabilizing, thanks to their use beyond simple speculation. Meanwhile, concerted efforts by thousands of online activist-investors, meme cryptos such as dogecoin are gaining in value, at least for now—but the shiba inu is out of the bag, and this collective investment dynamic will rear its head in other places.
  • Emerging social platforms: Domainers have already planted their flag high on the hill of Clubhouse, though platforms such as Twitch (an Among Us session amongst domainers, anyone?) remain untapped. For now.
  • Fractional ownership: The trends mentioned above will have impacts on how domainers organize to create and extract value from domains, as use cases continue to evolve.

Domaining Got Even More Exciting

Join us at this all-digital domaining event to learn how interlocking technologies and trends can set you up for a lifetime of success. No plane ticket, no hotel, no suitcase required: just bring your curiosity, love of learning, and desire to meet new people in the domain name industry.

Register Today for NamesCon Online

Today’s the day to register for NamesCon Online. You’ll find ticket types for individual investors, first-time NamesCon attendees, those working in the registry/registrar/marketplace spaces, and the popular DNAcademy bundle. What are you waiting for?

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