Welcome to the NamesCon Online Virtual Venue


We don't want you getting lost in our digital event space...

Oh, we know about Zoom fatigue. We know how exhausting webinar after webinar can get. That’s why we designed NamesCon Online to be more about you. As we unveil the event space for our first-ever all-digital conference, we’ve also created a walkthrough to help you find your way around.

NamesCon Online Venue: Newbie to Expert in 2 Minutes or Less

This video will walk you through the key spaces and features of the NamesCon Online virtual venue. We kept it short: in less than two minutes you’ll learn how all this works:

  • Live sessions and on-demand content
  • Group conversations
  • Virtual networking lounge
  • Agenda and calendar integration
  • Private chats
  • Virtual exhibition booths

We’ve Made NamesCon Online Simple

As we connect the entire domaining world through three main time zones, it made sense not to over-complicate the venue with features nobody would even use. Ultimately, NamesCon Online is about you: your connections, your career, your future in the industry. So dive in—and get ready to join us September 9th-11th as we bring the whole domaining world together for a first-of-its-kind NamesCon experience!


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