See? There's life beyond .COM! In this case, we use an nTLD for clarity and branding.

The beauty of a domain name is that it doesn’t just exist to be bought, sold, and traded: it exists to be used. To bring an idea to life and present it to the world. We like to think outside the box here at NamesCon, and sometimes that means looking beyond the dot-com. That’s why we’re renaming our first-ever all-digital conference from NamesCon 360° to NamesCon Online, and moving it onto (Okay, that’s actually pretty intuitive if you think about it.)

Call It What It Is

While we thought NamesCon 360° was a cool name, encompassing the entire world; we think NamesCon Online is clearer and more concise in describing an all-digital domaining conference that reaches the entire world at once. This also highlights the creativity you can unlock through the right domain name: in telling your audience what you’re called, you’re also telling them how to find you. It’s the ultimate elevator pitch.

New Partnerships for a New Platform

We’re excited to welcome Radix as our first NamesCon Online Diamond Partner, which gives us the opportunity to rock the new name. Radix CEO Bhavin Turahkia made a huge impression on us duing a presentation in 2019 when he said, “Focus on value, not on valuation. Valuation is a side effect, a consequence.” He also said that real-world usage is a key metric for a string’s success at Radix. His strategic vision around actual nTLD usage in the wild captured our imagination—we’re still waiting for to launch. In the meantime, we’re hungry for more industry connection, and gearing up to bring domainers an all-new NamesCon experience.

Ready to register and raise your domaining game? Want to join us as a partner and make a huge impression on the entire domain industry? There’s one place to go:



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