How We’ll End NamesCon Global 2020 with a Bang

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Bringing you a real taste of Austin!

We mentioned earlier that NamesCon Global 2020 will feature a dedicated Fun Day, where attendees and partners can spend the day networking and celebrating after an intense few days of conferencing. Now it’s time to reveal the details: we’ll all be hitting Banger’s Sausage House and Beer Garden, an Austin institution famous for its sausage, barbecue, and a dizzying array of over 200 beers on tap!

This is a quintessential Austin experience, where Texas tradition meets a modern sense of culinary adventure. (Though with the sausages, beer, one supposes could also say it’s a bit of a German experience, and that’s okay too.)

Dedication to the Craft

Banger’s takes partying and barbecuing very seriously, and even has a set of core values:

  1. Joyful
  2. Authentic
  3. Respectful
  4. Community
  5. Excellence

They also has their own dog park, which probably won’t be relevant to most NamesCon attendees; except to convey the fact that this is the type of place to have its own dog park. Banger’s also loves to host events, and when our team first laid eyes on this place it was love at first bite.

What’s on the Menu?

NamesCon Global 2020 Fun Day will be a lunchtime event, running 10am-5pm on February 1. Food (so much food!) will be served up buffet-style to keep things moving: you can get a sense of the menu here []. There are indeed vegetarian options, since this is the 21st Century.

Oh, and one more thing… We’re offering a Plus-One Pass for this day of celebrating and networking: you can bring your spouse, significant other, or bestie to the party. Can you think of a deeper expression of commitment and caring than barbecue and beer? We didn’t think so.

So Let’s Get This Party Started

Fun Day at Banger’s is also an awesome opportunity for the right partner: you can associate your brand with the whole event, or even on individual elements of the experience. And what an experience it will be! Just get in touch with the NamesCon team to get the ball rolling.


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