NamesCon Online Feature Spotlight: The Networking Lounge

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It's easy to make connections at NamesCon Online

NamesCon Online is more than a webinar or Zoom meeting—as we built out the online event platform, we made networking a top priority. Once you join NamesCon Online, you’ll find out how easy it is find like-minded domain professionals, make a connection, and start finding out how you can make some magic together.

Right This Way, Your Table’s Waiting

The Networking Lounge has virtual tables for up to 16 people. Just click on a chair at any of the tables, and the conversation begins once someone else joins you. Our Networking Lounge is more than just an old-school chat room: besides text, you can talk to each other in person, with or without video. Once your meeting starts, a little prompt will appear to help you facilitate the kind of communication you want.

You’ll find different tables in the Networking Lounge, and you’re welcome to choose whichever one suits the size of your gathering. You can also leave extra space for those serendipitous drop-ins to mix things up: NamesCon is full of stories of chance meetings over the years that turned into strong friendships and business alliances, and we want to keep facilitating that at NamesCon Online. (Full disclousre: the NamesCon team had a lot of fun testing this feature, and it feels so much more casual than typical scheduled meetings. We promise not to monopolize the Networking Lounge tables during the event,though.)

Put Your Name in the Networking Lounge

The tables in the Networking Lounge are also available for branding by NamesCon partners: just reach out to our sales team at: to find out more. To get a wider overview of the NamesCon Online platform, check out our quick video guide. See you at NamesCon Online, September 9th-11th!


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