NamesCon Newcomers: Fresh Perspectives and a Desire to Learn


NamesCon Newbies aren't necessarily new to the domaining game

As we prepare for our first-ever fully online event, we wanted to include as many first-time attendees as we can. Since travel and hotel are not in the equation, the barrier for attendance has never been lower. To make a no-brainer an even less-brainer (Is that a word? It is now), we made a limited number of free tickets available for domainers who have never attended a NamesCon event before. We also asked these newbies a few questions, and learned a lot about the newest members of the NamesCon family.

NamesCon Newcomers: More Experience Than the Name Suggests

Overall, we found that “NamesCon newcomer” does not equal “totally new to domaining”. While 40% of these first-timers are within their first year of domaining, more than a quarter have six or more years’ experience in the business. That’s a lot of insight that’s been missing from the conversation… until now.

Over 85% of NamesCon newbies are domain investors: we figured that the investor proportion would be high, but we were interested—and really glad—to see that 20% identify themselves as developers and SEO specialists.

Taking Domaining Beyond the Side-Hustle

The newcomers’ portfolios range from 10-1000 names, with a few 6-figure outliers. For 25% of them , domaining is a small side-hustle, with up to $5,000 coming in each year. For 15%, though, it’s more significant that that: up to $20,000 revenue annually. While nearly 16% of NamesCon first-timers are already full-time domaining professionals, another 20% told us that they’re using NamesCon Online as a springboard with which to take the plunge. This is an exciting story for us all!

This is what NamesCon is all about: we want to bring the beginners and experts together in one place, so we can facilitate education around the full spectrum of domaining possibilities. From investment and sales to security and technology, it’s a complicated industry—more complicated than people may realize at first. But it’s also a really friendly industry, which we’re sure our newcomers will discover right away!

Domain Education at NamesCon Online and Beyond

Our audience is joining us from all over the world for our first online event—and the community is growing. A core set of topics rose to the surface overall, things that newcomers wanted to learn more about. These are:

  • Valuing domain names
  • How the aftermarket works
  • Lead generation and Outbound selling
  • Monetization
  • Domain development and entrepreneurship

So, as we did with NamesCon Global, we’re holding aside some slots in the agenda for the topic you want to teach, something that you believe will move the industry forward as a whole. So pitch us! We’ve also teamed up with DNAcademy to offer a package deal: if you sign up for a year of DNAcademy’s industry-leading training, you’ll get a free pass to NamesCon Online.

We look forward to seeing you at NamesCon Online, September 9th-11th!


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