ID4me Summit in Madrid: The Future of DNS-Based Security

NamesCon Global 2020 is still several months away, but you can keep your hand in the game as you gear up for the Domain Economic Forum. Start by hitting up one of our partner conferences, the 2019 ID4me Summit in Madrid, and explore the future of democratic identity services. ID4me is a not-for-profit group of […]

Last Call for “Hand Up For Your Start Up” Scholarship in Network Lane

One of the highlights of NamesCon 2016 is Network Lane, a one-day exhibition hall set to launch on Sunday January 10th, from 12 to 6 pm. This “up close and personal” networking day allows newcomers, entrepreneurs, and other companies to introduce themselves to the NamesCon community and get everyone warmed up to have a productive […]

Worldwide Attendees to Converge at NamesCon

From Australia to Brazil and from China to Spain, domain industry professionals worldwide will be flying to Las Vegas for NamesCon 2016. We can’t wait to welcome both new and returning attendees, speakers, and sponsors to the conference! The heatmap above was generated from the responses of the 1,000 attendees who are registered on Eventbrite. […]

Featured Attendee Profile: Hakan Ali, InterNetX

Hakan Ali Founder and Chief Marketing Officer InterNetX Twitter | Facebook Fast Facts Location: Regensburg, Germany How long have you been in the domain industry: 17 years Favourite extension: .SRL, .LTDA Best cities for conferences: Las Vegas and Miami Q&A Describe your company and how long have you been there? I founded InterNetX in 1998. […]

Boxing Week Sale on NamesCon Conference Passes

Happy Holidays from the NamesCon team in Canada! We celebrate the day after Christmas here with Boxing Day: where everyone packs into the shopping malls to take advantage of great discounts! It’s essentially the Canadian version of Black Friday, and we’re celebrating all week long with a special sale on NamesCon passes. Use this registration […]

Participate in the NamesCon Speaker’s Corner

NamePros will be recording extensive video coverage of NamesCon and featuring it on YouTube and elsewhere online. This is the second year NamePros has provided video coverage of NamesCon, and we’re excited for them to take it to the next level this year. From event filming to live video coverage of the Right of the […]

Featured Attendee Profile: Christian Voss, Sedo

Christian Voß Chief Marketing Officer Sedo Twitter | LinkedIn Fast Facts Location: Cologne, Germany How long have you been in the domain industry? About 15 years Favourite extension: I have always had an affinity for ccTLDs Now reading: “The Lost Continent: Travels in Small Town America” by Bill Bryson Best city for conferences: It depends […]

Featured Attendee Profile: Edward Zeiden, NamePros

Edward Zeiden Managing Director NamePros Twitter | LinkedIn | Facebook | Google+ Fast Facts Location: I live in Los Angeles, CA while the NamePros team lives worldwide. How long have you been in the domain industry? Over five years. My major start was co-founding the curated domain inventory NameLayer, which was later acquired by TechStars. […]

“Hand Up For Your Start Up” Scholarship Contest

If you’ve been to Affiliate Summit’s “Meet Market” or dropped by the “Startup Alley” at Techcrunch Disrupt, you’ve seen in action the concept of a one-day exhibition hall. At NamesCon 2016, we are launching our “Network Lane” on Sunday January 10th, from 12 to 6 pm. Companies will have a high-top table and space for […]

Featured Attendee Profile: Brendan Wright, Just The .Domains

Brendan Wright President Just The .Domains Inc. Twitter | LinkedIn Fast Facts Location: Vancouver, British Columbia Favourite extension: .casino Domain name you wished you owned: Now reading: “The Lean Startup: How Today’s Entrepreneurs Use Continuous Innovation to Create Radically Successful Businesses,” by Eric Ries Your mentor: I’m actively looking to find the right mentor. […]