NamesCon Speakers: Call for Submissions

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The agenda for NamesCon 2017 is well on it’s way to completion. We’ve identified most of our sessions, keynotes, and panels and are excited to share them with you in early October when we publish the schedule online!

We know that each of you has an amazing network to draw on, and we’d like your input. In the effort to include as diverse a lineup of speakers as possible, we’re opening up the following panels for nominations:

1. Basics in Digital Branding and Design:

Learn actionable methods to improve your company’s visual identity across digital platforms and streamline the online user experience for your customers.

2. Using Creative Content to Leverage Your Brand:

This panel will bring together experts in public relations, marketing and brand strategy to provide best-use examples of content marketing in the domain industry.

 3. India Masterclass:

This panel of experts will forecast trends and sales prospects from the emerging Indian market. Don’t miss out on the next hot investor wave.

4. Comparing Domain Sales Strategies:

Learn how the best in the business get the most out of their inventory.


Please include the speaker nominee’s full name, email address, and current position.

Send links to and/or descriptions of the nominee’s relevant expertise, including any previous speaking engagements.

Self-nominations are allowed.

Each individual can only be nominated for one panel – please prioritize the one they are most suited for.

Email your nominations to by September 10, 2016.

*Please note that NamesCon speakers are not compensated in any way. Speakers are responsible for coordinating their own registration to the event.


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