November Notes: A NamesCon Playlist

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T-minus eleven weeks till it’s show time!

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 Image by Raunie Mae Baker

Image by Raunie Mae Baker

Tania Kabantsov, Events

Elliott Slinn – “It’s You”

This song was written by a really dear friend of mine and is, well, the ultimate love song. So if you plan on falling in love this November this is the song for you.

Luca Fogale – “I Don’t Want to Lose You”

This is the latest single from a local talent from the Pacific Northwest. His vocals are heart-melting, it’s like he knew we needed some warm and cozy sounds to get us through these Vancouver November rains. Thanks Luca!

James Bay – “Just For Tonight”

This is a great dance tune. It kind of reminds me of an Eagles song. It’s got this free and adventurous spirit to it. Just for tonight forget who you are and dance your heart out!

 Photo by monlaferte

Photo by monlaferte

Jordan Yerman, Writer

Mon Laferte – “Amárrame”

If this Chilean singer/songwriter’s massive hit doesn’t get to you, then you have a defective dance gene and should seek treatment. This colorful list of lyrical instructions is a duet with Colombian megastar Juanes.

Stevie Wonder – “Superstition”

The funk, the vibe, the clavinet track. I honestly believe this to be one of the greatest tracks ever recorded. This is the song that plays in your head when you’re walking down the street feeling on top of the world.

LP – “Lost on You”

Amazingly efficient use of lyrics, delivered with maximum impact by this stellar NYC-based singer/songwriter. Warning: will make you re-examine any and all failed relationships. May also make you crave whiskey.


Joyce Ng, Social Media

Vince Staples – “Feels Like Summer”

I can’t be the only one clinging on to the last, fleeting vestiges of summer, right? Vince Staples dropped FM just in time for my seasonal affective disorder (better known as SAD) to kick in, featuring an opener that reminds me of that fun, excitable warm weather energy. If this is your first introduction to Vince, know that he’s a master of concept albums, and the short but (not so) sweet FM is no different.

Elliott Smith – “Say Yes”

Of course, if you’re looking to lean into the SADness, I would recommend some Elliott Smith. It’s been a while since I’ve listened to some of his haunting, at times heart-wrenching music, so leave it to my umpteenth viewing of The Royal Tenenbaums to remind me of his genius. (And if you know what scene I’m talking about: it never fails to make me cry.) “Say Yes” from Either/Or is honest and melancholic, and it’ll put you in a mood; maybe save this one for those rainy days indoors, when no one will see you sob.

Danny Dwyer – “Honest”

Back to something a little more lighthearted. Danny Dwyer’s “Honest,” though sad in content, is one of those soulful, smooth-as-silk offerings that put you at ease and with a timeless quality that makes you wonder, “Who the heck is this guy?” Every element seems to fit together perfectly, showcasing the L.A.-based artist/producer’s ability to create memorable soundscapes. “Honest” is a jam.

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