Painting Meets NFTs: Artist Christian Calvin is Creating Art Just for NamesCon

Meet Christian Calvin

Bold strokes. Subtle details. Unexpected emotions surfacing from what was once a flat surface.
As an abstract expressionist, Christian Calvin paints images that bring you into a world where the personal, the global, and the symbolic come together.

Christian is a successful domain investor with lots of experience in the digital economy, so he recognized the potential of NFTs as that asset class evolves. Christian Calvin has created NFT versions of his work, which have attracted a following of their own as he embraces a new medium for getting his work into the hands of art lovers. These NFTs are not like the little .jpeg animal pics you’ve been seeing everywhere—they’re a different beast entirely!

In this video shot in his Nashville, Tennessee studio, Christian Calvin gives us a tour of his work and explains going on with the recurrence of “33n” in his work.

Christian has partnered with us to do something very special—he’s creating a painting just for the NamesCon community! Not only that, but you’ll have a front row seat for the entire process.

You can also see the NamesCon painting take shape right here: it’s a rare opportunity to see how artistic ideas take physical form.


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Ein Beitrag geteilt von Christian calvin (@33n_art)

Once we gather in Austin, Christian will share the main stage with Ron Jackson of Domain Name Journal, to discuss his journey as both a creator and an investor—and how those two disciplines inform one another.

Those collecting these digital artworks will also be making a very different kind of investment: some of the proceeds from sale and auction of Christian’s NFTs will go towards NamesCon’s ongoing school-building project. Each year, we commit to building or expanding a school for a community that needs it most. Our partner in this effort is Groundbreaker, who has a solid track record of transparency and effectiveness in completing school projects and lifting up families all over the world.

The world is only just beginning to see the potential behind NFTs, and NamesCon Global 2022 attendees will get a front-row seat for what is possible, experiencing the coolest NFT-based projects firsthand, straight from their creators.

Be sure you don’t miss out on the insights, ideas, and creativity that will shape tomorrow’s domaining and digital asset economy: join us at NamesCon Global, Aug 31-Sept 3 in Austin, Texas!

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