Data Rules! A Panel on Why Data Matters

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Data shouldn’t be just collected for the sake of collecting it. When used properly (and collected efficiently), you can actually protect, run, and grow your business. This is what Wednesday’s morning panel at NamesCon Global 2019 was all about. Moderated by Pinky Brand, Bhavin Turakhia (Radix, Flock), Akram Atallah (Donuts, Inc.), Rolf Larsen (.GLOBAL), and Richard Merdinger (GoDaddy) discussed why data is crucial to their decision making, what key metrics they use to measure success, and how data can actually be used to help make the internet a safer place.

Heavily relying on useful data, Turakhia and his team at Radix has a predictive algorithm that is accurate to the 98th percentile. At Radix, nothing goes through without data. And while manually extracting data is one way to do it, other companies like .GLOBAL use software like RegistryOffice, which has analysis and abuse-prevention tools that can help companies maintain business health. GoDaddy, according to Merdinger, uses technical metrics, DNS lookups, marketing metrics, and customer performance information in order to ensure that its customers are successful. As for Donuts, Atallah also confirmed that the company relies heavily on data, too, also making actionable data available to its employees.

“You cannot live without data anymore these days,” said Atallah, and considering its importance, it’s a constant search for more data: “We’ll always look for more data.”

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