Participate in the NamesCon Speaker’s Corner

Speakers Corner 1000x350

NamePros will be recording extensive video coverage of NamesCon and featuring it on YouTube and elsewhere online. This is the second year NamePros has provided video coverage of NamesCon, and we’re excited for them to take it to the next level this year.

From event filming to live video coverage of the Right of the Dot auction, NamePros will be releasing exclusive footage of NamesCon throughout the conference. Each day, NamePros will be conducting premier video interviews at the Speakers Corner in the lounge area, which will feature industry veterans and new attendees alike.

If you would like to be featured in a written or video interview, please reach out to their team to schedule a time with them by sending an email to with your website, name, and phone number. Otherwise, try to stop by the Speakers Corner in the lounge area to say hello or see if they have a few minutes to interview you, on or off camera.

As a sponsor, exhibitor or attendee, you may also want to visit our Media Partners page to connect with other registered press during NamesCon!

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