Paul McGrady Keynote at NamesCon 2016: Person to Person

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Paul McGrady delivers a keynote speech at NamesCon 2016

Paul McGrady, a partner at Winston and Strawn and chair of the firms trademark, domain names, and brand enforcement,”literally wrote the law book” on domaining, said NamesCon co-founder Jothan Frakes. McGrady took the main stage at NamesCon 2016 to quickly talk about how the industry is reshaping itself.

One of the things we have to think about in 2016, said McGrady. “We’re looking at very basic, fundamental choice”: does the power reside with the industry, or does that power reside with governments? “As we all participate in this industry, I look forward to a day where those 2005-era labels can be put aside” and active entities can work together to stabilize the industry as a whole: “This lines are blurred.” Friendships and personal relationships shape the industry as well, said McGrady, along with changing roles and external pressure from outside channels.

Take advantage, then, of NamesCon during this last day in Las Vegas, and be encouraged by the length of the check-in queue earlier in the week.

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