Domain Trends and Insights According to Paul Nicks

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Trends come and go, and this applies to the domaining industry as well. On the second day of NamesCon Global 2019, GoDaddy Senior VP of Aftermarket Paul Nicks took the keynote stage to discuss all the emerging trends within the industry this past year, while also sharing some valuable insights.

Demand for aftermarket domains is growing, with conversion and actual sales prices increasing as well. GoDaddy has been working hard to close the gap between “the domain I want” and “what I’m willing to pay,” and this is proving to be effective: international sales is accelerating worldwide. Nicks warns that domain investing isn’t a one-size-fits-all situation. There are a number of ways to do this, according to Nicks, but he and his team found three broad categories: high-volume buyers, high-value buyers whose average-$2,000 acquisitions had an average sale price of over $20,000, and the “sweet spot” investors, who acquire names for $30-60 and sell them for $2,000 to $5,000.

Nicks advised that new domain investors that sweet spot is where he or she should be at. “Set a goal, then work backwards,” Nicks said. Create a goal of what you want your net margin to be, then strategize how you can get there, like how many domains you should acquire each day and at how much. “Data is your friend,” Nicks assured the NamesCon crowd. Going into detail what sorts of names sell well, based on his experience, it was an enlightening afternoon guided by the value of data.

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